AudioCoin Roadmap


AudioCoin conceived as a Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake hybrid digital currency to foster transparency, accountability and engagement in the music industry.


Aurovine music streaming, marketing, and monetization platform launches with AudioCoin at MIDEM, Cannes - the world's largest music media event.

Imogen Heap releases her "Mycelia" album on Aurovine.

Joni Fuller releases her "Everybody Says So" single on Aurovine.


AudioCoin upgraded to Proof-of-Stake v3 with enhanced security and stability.


Superfecta launches their "Mannequin" single on Aurovine.

AudioCoin payment plugin for Shopify, Magento, and other direct-to-fan platforms.

BiT(Blockchain Integration Technology) enables AudioCoin-driven application development.


Björk begins accepting AudioCoin for music and merchandise purchases in her online shop.

örk rewards fans with AudioCoin for purchasing her Utopia album and for liking and sharing her content on social channels.


AudioCoin featured at SXSW 2018 with geolocation-based fan rewards and direct fan-to-artist rewards.


Miloco Studios announces they will accept AudioCoin for studio rentals and equipment sales at 80+ music recording studios worldwide.


ADC Marketplace LaunchEcosystem of Artists, Labels, Studios, Festivals and music businesses accepting AudioCoin for music goods and services.

Partnership announcements.

the future...

2019/20 (Completed)

Aurovine relaunch: Music Streaming, Marketing, and Monetization platform

New User Interface and streaming engine

-Powered artist and fan rewards:


Receive ADC when your music is streamed online
Spend ADC in the ADC Marketplace to advance your musical career


Earn ADC by Liking, Rating, & Sharing music on social media
Earn ADC for appearing at preconfigured geo-location zones

Crowdfunding & Royalty Sharing

Proof of Ownership

2021 and beyond

AudioCoin becomes a sidechain of (BPL).

Aurovine becomes a leading platform for direct-to-fan engagement and crowdsourcing.

Launch of NFT services and marketplace integrations.

The Aurovine website continues to grow month by month, with more fans and artists realising how blockchain music and the Audiocoin can help their careers.

Audiocoin is now available to trade at, and