How to Defragment your AudioCoin Wallet

If you are staking a large amount of coins there is a tendency for the inputs (block count and size) to grow within your wallet. It is good practice to try and keep the number of inputs to 500 or below. It is only recommended that you attempt this process if you are comfortable with expert wallet functions. Here’s how:

Step One:

Within your wallet go to Settings > Options > Display and click the check box to enable ‘coin control features’

Step Two:

Now we need to check our inputs and if necessary consolidate some blocks. Click Send and then Inputs under ‘Coin Control’

We need to check the number of inputs indicated by the red area (in the screenshot below) for each address. Anything over 500 and you can safely defrag.

Step Three:

We’re going to send coins to ourselves using the same address and same change address. Click the small arrow to the side of the address and you’ll see a long list of inputs. Scroll to the bottom and begin selecting blocks from the bottom up. Keep your eye on the ‘bytes’ figure at the top. Once it goes into the red then it’s time to send a defrag transaction.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I’ve selected 62 inputs using just over 10k bytes. Click OK and you’ll be back at the send window.

Step Four:

It is very important at this point that you input the same address as you are sending from into the ‘to’ field and also click the ‘custom change address’ checkbox and put the same address there so that any change goes back to the same address. As you can see below i’ve rounded down the total and will get 44k+ change. (The wallet doesn’t like sending max amounts so always allow for change).

Step Five:

Click send and the transaction will complete. If you get an error try again with more change.

Once the transaction is sent, you can go back to coin control and you will see that the number of inputs is reduced.

Repeat the process until you have your inputs under 500.