Ruth Brown + Aurovine - Upstairs at the Ritzy

02.10.18 05:07 AM Comment(s) By Devan

Soul Jam with Ruth Brown & Aurovine

Aurovine partnered with Soul Jam for their show case of Ruth Brown at the world famous Ritzy Picturehouse in London, UK.

The soul singing sensation was a semi-finalist on The Voice UK and an original London cast member of Dreamgirls. OnThe Voice UK Ruth was mentored by Tom Jones who dubbed her “the other Ruth Jones” - referencing legendary Grammy Award-winning R&B artist Ruth Jones from Virginia, USA. 

Joined by some special guests and budding artists, Ruth performed songs from her upcoming debut EP along with some of the classics that inspired her artistry and shaped her musical career.

The pioneering Aurovine music streaming, monetization, and marketing platform is scheduled for launch in December 2018 with brand new features, a fresh UI, and a new AudioCoin rewards ecosystem for artists and fans, including:


Viral Marketing 

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Market place 

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Distribution & Fast Payments

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Geolocation / triggered Rewards

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Smart Contracts

Crowdfunding and royalty sharing powered by AudioCoin smart contracts. An immersive way for artists and fans to collaborate on a new release or project.

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