Bitdorado & ADC Announcement

07.02.20 10:27 AM Comment(s) By Ken

ADC joins forces with the most innovative Crypto project of recent times

We are glad to announce the first Coin Partnership between Bitdorado (contractual), ARES Computer and AudioCoin. This Partnership leads at least to 5 things: 

1. Premium Bitdorado Members will benefit from Poolshares whenever Bitdorado collects Pool-fees

2. Bluebox as well as PiggyBanks (Bitdorado Editions) will benefit the same way.

3. PiggyBank owners will get an update which includes the AudioCoin Wallet 

4. Future Blueboxes will come with a share of TELOS + ADC which is beneficial for ADC

5. ADC will benefit as Network as it becomes always on Peers securing the network stability.

On the Bitdorado Exchange it leads to the option to buy/sell ADC via OTC and it becomes part of the Staking Pool. Bitdorado itself is eager to become the single biggest Pool of all listed coins. Which again is a benefit for the Project and all members. Bots will be adapted and ADC will also become part of the Free-libra ecosystem.

AudioCoin breaks down the barriers of traditional music financing, directly connecting artists and fans through a transparent, distributed ledger.

A fair, honest, and equitable exchange of value between music fans and artists.
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