Aurovine Launch Party and Update!

10.06.19 11:58 AM Comment(s) By Ken

Launch Party

Aurovine's launch party recently took place at the fabulous Off the Cuff venue in South London. The event attracted over two hundred attendees who witnessed some fabulous acoustic acts plus the brilliant main stage acts of London bands Mangoseed, Stash Magnetic and Superfecta. You`ll be hearing more about these bands over the coming months. 

Aurovine & Audiocoin

By signing up to the Aurovine platform you`re already part of a new musical eco system, that`s underpinned by the Blockchain and driven by the Audiocoin. 

We`ll go into much more detail later on, but with the Audiocoin, fans and artists will both be rewarded and empowered. As a fan, every time you stream, download or share an artist`s music, not only will you yourself earn more Audiocoins but as importantly the artist will also be rewarded with Audiocoins. As a fan you will be directly behind the growth of bands and musicians on Aurovine. The more coins you have the more music you can download and share. Think of it as coin funding if you wish. For the artist it means an ever growing wallet of Audiocoins that they can exchange for rehearsal time, studio sessions and other services over time.

The main question we keep getting asked is “how close is the Aurovine website to launch?” Well the answer is very close. We`re on the home straight now and we`ll be relaying news very soon. We know some of you are very eager to get involved, so our apologies for the slight delay but we`re very close.

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