AudioCoin & Aurovine at Indie Week UK in Manchester

17.10.18 09:12 PM Comment(s) By Tim

Indie Week UK - "Madchester"

The following post is from Aurovine founder, David Blundell, who was at Indie Week Manchester last weekend to talk about Aurovine, AudioCoin, and to judge in a competition for up-and-coming bands and sole artists during the week long music festival across Manchester.

Manchester has been haven for musical creativity forever particularly the last 50 years or so - no better phrase than "Madchester" to introduce countless bands that were exported from Manchester to the world going in to the 90's. Even today a 30 foot white banner hangs from an educational building roof down to the entrance of the building claiming, “I wanna be adored”. Everyday inspiration from the creative elders of old - AKA The Stone Roses - who were very much and still are adored in the city some 24 years after their last album release.


Here I am told that if London is the financial hub of the world, Manchester is the worlds creative hub...….and some say on the 6th day God created Manchester. A quintessential phrase born of the famous Affleck's Palace.


Indie Week is having its third year here now and already you can see the festival getting better and better, especially making more of what the city has to offer, using the many great music venues to give grassroots and established acts from across the world a chance to showcase their talent.  


Tonight I was asked to judge at Night People, a cozy little venue near the University area and just off the famous Oxford Road. I got there, received my pen and score sheet and settled in to an evening's entertainment:


First up was Possimiste:


The Estonian born Electronica/Baroque pop duo who had some very interesting props and scenery. The theatrical image was very captivating but occasionally distracted from the music which is where I felt more focus was required. That said, they had the audience captivated and showed their appreciation throughout. A strong start.

Next was Cassidy Stone:


What I really love about these music events are the people you meet and the characters who leave an impression on you forever. Tim Gallagher the lead singer/guitarist of Cassidy described his music as...'love making music'....his mother stood next to him said 'pffft,...I F***in hate love making music.' 

Welcome to Manchester!

As the 3 piece entered the stage - apparently minus a guitarist for the evening - they blew me away from start to finish. Yes, they are contemporary country rock for want of a label, but as an American Idol winner said. 'man that boy could sing'. And he could. Watch this space - check out:

The last, but by no means least, 32 Tens:


Probably the most traditional line-up of the evening in a 4 piece band with drums, bass, lead guitar and rhythm guitar - but these boys could rock in a whole 'indie' style of their own. From funky indie to hard core rock with a sprinkling of rap (incredible delivery by the way) it was clear these guys were talented and could play their instruments, as did all throughout the night, but this band were serious in bringing something new to the table. 


It was decided 32 Tens were ready for the next level.

A nice coincidental of the evening was that 32 Tens have just signed a deal with AWAL - a music label business our very own CEO, Kevin Bacon, co-founded just over ten years ago. The band also promised to come to my panel on Saturday to hear more about Aurovine and the Audiocoin which they found extremely interesting.


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