Earning ADC on the upgraded chain

14.12.21 07:26 PM Comment(s) By Ken

Update on ADC delegates and forging

Updates on forging and Mac wallet: After discussing the original plans for slots and rewards, we've made an adjustment to how many slots will be available for delegates. The total will remain the same at 53, but will now be split between 23 slots for delegates holding ADC, and 30 slots for delegates holding BPL electing to forge for ADC. 

By Tuesday evening EST (14/12/21), an update will be made available for bpl-core. This includes an updated crossforger which will allow you to start forging right away if you're holding ADC. This also includes patches to fully add the necessary implementation for sending/validating a split vote transaction, which will allow BPL delegates to forge for ADC. The split vote tx requires activation at a pre-defined block number, and the first instance of it on the network will fork any nodes not updated. The block number will be set for activation to occur next Monday morning EST (Dec 20). That allows for 5 days to apply the update. Once the split vote tx is active, it will be possible to forge for ADC (and future sidechains) by holding BPL. 

 Instructions for configuring the crossforger as well as upgrading bpl-core will be provided as well. Regarding the Mac wallet, we're still handling the certificate issue with our Apple Dev account. Without a valid certificate, we can't notarize the app and that causes all recent version of MacOS to refuse to open it. Once the issue is resolved, we'll publish a signed and notarized build right away. (If you know what you're doing and understand the risks and why it's normally a bad idea, you can disable Gatekeeper for a little bit to run the app)

For none technical users you will be able to simply vote (1 click) for an ADC pool (we expect 2 or 3 to be available soon) and you will automatically receive ADC rewards in the same way as you can earn BPL by voting for a pool delegate.

Please join our Discord group for further information. https://discord.gg/dTkQyTKSs8

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