ADC - Open, Ethical, Fully Decentralised

13.05.19 02:14 PM Comment(s) By Ken

API & Tools for everyone

When ADC was conceived, the token landscape was in it's infancy. ICO's hadn't been thought of and the true benefits of distributed ledger technology were still to the fore.

ADC was launched with no ownership or fund raising element. The goal of the coin was to bring the opportunity of correcting the skewed mechanics of the music industry in a totally decentralised and transparent way. We've gained many fans and enjoyed having a small part to play in the trajectory of artists like Björk and Imogen Heap.

Now we're taking ADC a step further. We've started working on an API and front end to help individuals, artists, developers and companies make the most of the technology.
We've already seen payment processors, Apps, online wallets, plugins and explorers being developed by the community. We want many of these to be open source and freely distributed to help satisfy the demand from the music community at large.

Once our API suite is ready (target date June 30th), we'll open that up to provide a focused hub for like minded people who want to help make the music industry a fairer palce to create art and be fairly rewarded without the recourse to multiple layers of middle men. We'll attach an app and plugin repository so that developers can distribute their code for free or a fair price (paid in ADC of course!). We're doing all this so that all the potential users of ADC have the ability to obtain the tools they need in one easy to use hub.

We'll post regular updates of progress here. Thanks to all the supporters, companies and developers who have encouraged us to take this first step towards making the future of music smart and decentralised!

(Photo by Tim van der Kuip on Unsplash)

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