ADC Update & Roadmap 2021

25.01.21 10:02 AM Comment(s) By Ken

Ask not what ADC can do for you, but what you can do for ADC

We're excited to bring you news of what's been happening and our future plans for 2021 and beyond.
We've had many pieces of correspondence asking why such a fantastic project is so undervalued.
The simple answer is hype and centralisation. ADC was never subject to ICO or centralised control and so has flown under the radar in spite of high profile attention.
This has been the case since day one. When we launched at MIDEM (Music industry conference in France) 4 years ago, the industry was clueless about blockchain and to a certain extent still are. They are, however, petrified of the technology and closely monitoring developments so that any potential 'napster' like threats are gobbled up and suppressed (or controlled to keep archaic practices relevant). The level of ignorance back then was something else. The typical response at MIDEM was "Is it something to do with that Dark Web Bitcoin stuff?" or worse.

We then went to SXSW and Slush where the response was warmer, but only now in early 2021 are we seeing a real sea change in the understanding of blockchain technology. Artists are waking up to the fact that they will have to drive the change. It is not enough for them to trot out daily soundbites citing that the 'the industry isn't fair', 'spotify is controlled by the majors', 'it's impossible to make meaningful revenues'. All of these statements have solid evidence behind them but they need to engage on a more profound level to drive this change. Technology proponents cannot make it happen alone.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for ADC (no centralised control or hype machine) is also our biggest advantage. A true community project with the aim of bringing a fair share economy to the music industry and helping music lovers replace the the suits and corporations who have brought it too its knees.

To this end we mooted the idea of the Audiocoin Foundation to enable strong governance and transparent decision making. The current vote on construction of the foundation (Open to all) currently shows an overwhelming support for the ideas proposed.

We have also formulated a Road Map for 2021 presented below. Some of these ideas are ahead of schedule such as the wrapped ADC token that will power an online hackathon and allow interactions with DEFI projects, a new online streaming concept that will engage users with crypto in a new and unique way, and, yes, some marketing campaigns to help us spread the word. We can't do it alone though, so if you are part of the community, foundation or just a music lover, please help us spread the word using your social media accounts, using ADC, visiting Aurovine, or joining our Discord.

ADC roadmap 2021
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