ADC Codebase Upgrade

31.08.21 11:57 AM Comment(s) By Ken

ADC Codebase Upgrade Latest News

Following the unanimous vote to upgrade the ADC chain to DPOS by the Audiocoin Foundation, the chain has been successfully tested in the BPL testnet and is stable.

(UPDATE 01/11/21) Upgrade testing is complete and ADC has been migrated to Blockpool codebase succcessfully. To allow for a smooth upgrade we have decided to take a snapshot of the current chain at block 4,080,000 (4.08 million). This should occur on or around November 30th. Please note that any transactions (staking, sending or receiving) after this block will be invalid.

Coins held in wallets at the snapshot date can be upgraded to the new chain by 2 methods:

1. Coins held at at the snapshot date will be automatically upgraded to the new chain.
2. For those users who wish to upgrade personal wallets we will issue detailed instructions on how to upgrade. These instructions will be provided on 23rd November (Discord, Twitter, Medium and BitcoinTalk)

Please note that the ADC legacy chain will not be supported after the snapshot. Txbit will also be introducing a BPL/ADC trading pair.

The screenshot below (from testing) shows ADC migrated to the BPL wallet
ADC migrated to BPL wallet
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