Following the unanimous vote to upgrade the ADC chain to DPOS by the Audiocoin Foundation, the chain has been successfully tested in the BPL testnet and is stable.
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US based music charity Sweet Relief are to benefit from an agreement with Aurovine to benefit from an influx of digital currency Audiocoin to help their members affected by the Covid 19 pandemic
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ADC Update & Roadmap 2021

We're excited to bring you news of what's been happening and our future plans for 2021 and beyond.
We've had many pieces of correspondence asking why such a fantastic project is so undervalued.
The simple answer is hype and centralisation. ADC was never subject to ICO or centralised control and so has...

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ADC (Audiocoin) Foundation - now open for votes on membership criteria
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Update Dec 2020
ADC News Dec 2020. Exchanges and Development News.
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