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Education & Bass join the ADC Marketplace

We’re proudly announcing our latest partnership and AudioCoin marketplace member: Education & Bass - an online music production school offering courses, tutorials, seminars, and production tips comprising all genres of electronic music.

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AudioCoin & Aurovine at Indie Week UK in Manchester

The following post is from Aurovine founder, David Blundell, who was at Indie Week Manchester last weekend to talk about Aurovine, AudioCoin, and to judge in a competition for up-and-coming bands and sole artists during the week long music festival across Manchester.

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ADC partners with OpenLive

OpenLIVE – the pioneering instant live audio recording platform - will soon be accepting AudioCoin (ADC) as a payment method from artists to purchase their recordings, and to submit recordings to OpenLIVE DISCOVERED - a dedicated platform showcasing OpenLIVE recordings with partner Community Ra...

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Announcing our partnership with Live at Heart
Announcing our multi-year partnership with Live at Heart, one of Scandinavia's biggest showcase festivals and creative industry conferences.

Live at Heart features over 200 unsigned musical acts from all over the world, 45 creative and technology seminars, and 47 independent film screenings...
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AudioCoin Roadmap Update
AudioCoin's updated roadmap for 2018 and beyond.
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