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Wingtip - the prototype name for a innovative live music app from Blockpool, will be featured at the Aurovine Presents Showcase evening this Friday at Off The Cuff Bar in London, UK.

This evening of live music features performances by We Ghosts, an Anglo/Swedish duo, Superfecta, a 4-piece hard rock ...

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The AudioCoin Marketplace – An Artist’s Journey
The following blog post is a work of fiction outlining our work thus far and our vision for the AudioCoin Marketplace.
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Aurovine Launch Update
Aurovine Launch Update
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Ruth Brown + Aurovine - Upstairs at the Ritzy

Aurovine partnered with Soul Jam for their show case of Ruth Brown at the world famous Ritzy Picturehouse in London, UK.

The soul singing sensation was a semi-finalist on The Voice UK and an original London cast member of Dreamgirls. OnThe Voice UK Ruth was mentored by Tom Jones w...

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Audiocoin (ADC) on TradeSatoshi 

ADC is now available to trade on 4 exchanges with the addition of UK based TradeSatoshi exchange.

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