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Audiocoin (ADC) on TradeSatoshi 

ADC is now available to trade on 4 exchanges with the addition of UK based TradeSatoshi exchange.

28.05.18 08:16 PM - Comment(s)

Blockpool are proud to announce a brand new partnership with UK based music group Miloco. Miloco offer a range of excellent worldwide recording studios, carefully selected for different purposes and budgets. They are your complete guide to searching for quality studios, from their seven-studio headq...

25.01.18 05:09 AM - Comment(s)
A brief update to point you all towards a help file we've put together to assist all the new people joining Audiocoin and wanting to install and run the Audiocoin Wallet. Audiocoin Wallet. 

This file explains how to make use of the boo...
23.01.18 04:42 AM - Comment(s)
We are happy to announce that the draw for the 1000 Discord Members Competition has been completed. 

Here is a link to the draw that we used: 

Each of the five lucky winners will receive 50,000 ADC as their prize! Our intention with ...
19.01.18 05:19 PM - Comment(s)
We are very pleased to release the Audicoin White Paper translated into Japanese by one of our wonderful community members. 

Audiocoin is an international project and we are looking to translate the white paper into as many languages as we can so the whole world ca...
19.01.18 01:46 AM - Comment(s)