ADC Update & Roadmap 2021

We're excited to bring you news of what's been happening and our future plans for 2021 and beyond.
We've had many pieces of correspondence asking why such a fantastic project is so undervalued.
The simple answer is hype and centralisation. ADC was never subject to ICO or centralised control and so has...

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ADC (Audiocoin) Foundation - now open for votes on membership criteria
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Update Dec 2020
ADC News Dec 2020. Exchanges and Development News.
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We are glad to announce the first Coin Partnership between Bitdorado (contractual), ARES Computer and AudioCoin. This Partnership leads at least to 5 things: 

1. Premium Bitdorado Members will benefit from Poolshares whenever Bitdorado collects Pool-fees

2. Bluebox as well as PiggyBanks (Bitdorad...
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New Exchange for ADC!
ADC Audiocoin now available on TXBIT exchange
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