AudioCoin in the Real-World

Björk Utopia

Björk:  Utopia worked together with Björk and her record label One Little Indian to provide digital currency initiatives for the release of her 2017 Utopia album.

The process involved a custom payment plugin for Magento alongside the utilisation of the Blockpool API and Platform as a Service (PaaS) products to engage customers in the payment and post payment ecommerce flow.

The token used for the post payment creative was AudioCoin (ADC) and this enabled customers to obtain the currency as a reward for purchase and in addition they were able to gain ADC through creative social sharing incentives.

The project went massively viral across being picked up by news outlets like ForbesThe Times, and Huffington Post.


​Online Music Streaming, Marketing, and Monetization Platform.

Aurovine was the world`s first blockchain music site to come to market and the Audiocoin is the prime currency used for purchase transactions, streaming and also rewarding fans and artists through sharing and rating music.


Receive ADC automatically when your tracks are streamed on the site - with no waiting / holding period.

Earn ADC from fans sharing your music into social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Build up your ADC in preparation for spending your coins in the near future with our partners on PR, studio time and merchandise


Get rewarded with ADC for liking, rating, and sharing music into Facebook and Twitter

Stream your favourite music on the site using your  ADC. Every time you stream, you`re rewarding artists with coins, helping to grow value in the artist and their music.

Top fans who share and stream receive bonus ADC rewards.

SXSW 2018

Salute Music Makers

Salute Music Makers, fronted by former Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey, used ADC on their unique Facebook based Internet platform with a television talent-show tie-in and the highest payout of any performing arts contest.

Blockpool helped Salute integrate blockchain technology into their prize distribution process using the PaaS and API services to generate digital wallets and claim mechanisms for over 1000 independent artists who took part in their Facebook based competition.

In addition to the cash prizes, ADC was used as a voting mechanism in another music based engagement with blockchain technology. Salute provided participants with wallets and rewards functionality to streamline their voting process and enable automatic claim procedures based around Blockpool's API services

Press link: "Salute Music Makers announce world’s first shared revenue of AudioCoin crypto currency valued at $10,000 for all salute music makers."

SXSW 2018

SXSW 2018

A proof of concept app by premiered at SXSW 2018 in Austin, TX which used geolocation metrics to reward fans with AudioCoin for appearing in and around festival venues.

The app allowed fans to donate ADC directly to their favorite artists at the festival.

As a fan engagement solution, geo-location metrics were coded into the app so that fans in and around the festival venues were rewarded with digital currency.

Blockchain technology is now ever-present at SXSW with over 70 blockchain companies established in Austin alone. AudioCoin has proven to be one of the most versatile and efficient currencies for real world applications.